I have always been healthy and in fairly good shape. However, an old lower-back injury put me in severe pain a few weeks ago and the orthopedist just recommended pain medication and physical therapy. I opted for chiropractic treatment instead, and after the FIRST VISIT with Dr. Winchell I no longer needed meds. (I should mention that the pain was so bad prior to my visit that I could not function in my day without them.) I went in for a few more treatments and told him I was shocked at how quickly I was recovering. I found Dr. Winchell through the Activator website as that is THE best method of chiropractic care. It’s painless and can be used on practically any body part, for a person of any age. Plus they can do physical therapy right in the office, and you can walk-in any time of the day that’s convenient for you! Why would you stay in pain one more day? Call him! Amber B. Mission Viejo