On Monday morning, just under a week ago, after another sleepless night and months of increasing pain in my legs, I was treated by Dr. Winchell, and advised to come back later in the week for a second round. I actually experienced some immediate relief, and the following day my pain level had dropped from a 9 to a 5. The pain ramped back up toward the end of the week, when I came in for my second treatment. During the second treatment, Dr. Winchell asked questions about my day to day activities, and seemed to have an “Ah ha!” moment when I answered a question about my sleep position and my adjustable mattress. I just woke up from my first full night’s sleep in months after implementing Dr. Winchell’s simple, sensible advice, and hopped out of bed and suddenly realized that I had almost no pain and very little stiffness for the first time all year! If you are suffering from chronic pain, or any condition Dr. Winchell says he can help with . . . DO NOT WAIT like I did! Just make the appointment and get thee to Winchell Chiropractic! This man is brilliant and effective! He will change your life! David B. Mission Viejo