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How will Activator Method’s Find a Doc website help my practice?

The Find a Doctor not only offers multiple new features via the front-end user experience but as importantly, is designed to push the doctor’s information on the back-end via keywords and metadata to most effectively broadcast to search engines. Your contact info, location, services, bio, and FAQs are indexed by search engines, greatly increasing your practice’s exposure and being discovered by new patients.

What can I do to take full advantage of the new site?

  • Make sure your contact information is accurate and that you place all the necessary information that you would like to see displayed.
  • For Premium doctor’s, download the text document tutorial on how to best create the content for your landing page so you can place your chosen images, copy, FAQs, and video via the correct specifications.
  • Contact Activator Methods at for additional help on the setup process.

If you don't currently have a Premium webpage, please visit to purchase, or click the button below.

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