Name: Carmen Lindsley


Phone No.:

Message: Dear Dr. Urbina,
Can I please have an appointment on Tuesday?

I prefer morning but afternoon might be ok too. I am supposed to catch a bus in the afternoon, but I possibly might get the okay from the people who are picking me up to get an evening bus.

I have a chronic pain disorder due to being a female who survived human trafficking and I have not had the money or resources to see a chiropractor all summer. I really need to see you. Activator works best because it does not cause intense pain and muscle spasms like the other chiropractic styles do.

I have been living in a tent and doing odd jobs to make ends meet. I now have enough money to pay for an adjustment. ($40 cash preferably, but I could possibly give you more cash Tuesday if you need that, or I could pay $40 now and more later with my debit card once I pick up more work.) I am a member of ChiroHealth.

I just got a volunteer park host position and will be in San Antonio on Tuedsay, and then I am heading to Laredo by bus, where I will be camping in the state park. I think it will be fun! I have been trying to get more work experience in the natural resources field that I got my degrees in so someone will hire me and pay me. I will get that here. In my park host position, I do not get paid, I just get experience and a free place to camp. I plan on doing more odd jobs around town to get more money to live on, and could give you some of it later, if $40 isn’t enough.

I want to get my back, neck and pelvis all aligned and check my other limbs too, so that I can do a great job as a park host and be successful! 🙂 I don’t know when will be the next chance I have to get to San Antonio from Laredo so it is best to do this now.

I’m a Christian too, so I am glad God is sending me somewhere I can get adjusted finally. 🙂 It will be great to meet another Carmen, your wife. Usually I don’t know too many other people with my name. It is great that you are musucal. I love to sing too!

Take care,
Carmen Lindsley

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