Name: Judy Snyder


Phone No.:

Message: I have moved from CA to KY to be near our daughter and soon to be granddaughter. I believe I came to you once before when visiting Valerie. Since then I began chiropractic treatment with a Dr using the activator as well but he also was instructed in DNFT, Directional Non-Force Technique which I believe was an early technique by the developer of the activator. This technique is even gentler than the activator and worked much better for me. For the first time I have been able to space my treatments further apart as my body seems to respond and retain alignment better. Are you familiar with this technique? If not would you be willing to consult with my previous Dr to become familiar with this technique to treat me in this way? He said anyone proficient in using the activator could pick it up quickly with just a phone consult with him. Thank you for your consideration. Judy Snyder