Name: Stewart Breslin


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Message: I’m a 68 year old man. Two weeks ago I woke up with pain on the left side of my shoulder and neck that has gotten progressively worse. I had an acupuncture treatment earlier in the week which helped a little in some respects but now I am experiencing episodic bursts of intense nerve pain in my left arm that reach down to near my elbow. This is a new condition that I have never experienced before. I also have two other back/neck related conditions. I have occasionall tingling in my thumb and first finger of my right hand and permanent tingling/hypersensitivity/weakness in my left foot from a disk problem at L5-S1 incurred over 20 years ago. I have one previous experience with chiropractic that did not go well, which is why I’m interested in the activator method. I would like to make an appointment to discuss my situation.