Name: Sharon Smith


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Message: Hi, Dr. Canzano – had my first prolotherapy last Mon, May 7th. Wish me luck! My pain mgmt dr has advised me to not have any adjustments right now, especially because of the weak state of my ligaments. I also had platelet lysate injections as the same time. Tolerated the procedure itself well, but the pain afterwards is another story and you’re not allowed to use NSAID’s or ice packs. However, because the si joint is deep down, he said I could probably use “light” ice therapy at times. So far, haven’t had to do that except once since I want an excellent outcome and the inflammation initiates the healing process. Next series of injections in 4-6 wks, depending on how I do after the first one. Am cautiously optimistic about being painfree; there have been 80-85% success rates with this kind of therapy. That’s encouraging! Will keep in touch, Sharon