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Message: hi, I moved out to L.I. little over a year ago .I had been seeing a chiropractor in Putnam valley ny for over 30 years and he used the actuator on me and I found it worked for me. I have had shots in my lower back by the VA hospital for the pain but I would like to get a adjustment on it once or twice a month or as needed. I have the report from a MRII had done a few months ago which would show you my problems.I’m retired so I’m concerned with the cost seeing how I would be paying out of pocket. I’m looking into getting a referral from the VA to cover the expense which they will now do. I hurt my back moving a heavy carpet and went to a local chiropractor for help . The doctor worked on my back and helped it but he doesn’t use a actuator method which I have come to believe in. If you could give me a idea of my cost and if the VA would cover the cost would you be willing to deal with that. I am willing to pay out of pocket but because I’m 100% disable with them They said they would cover it, i”ll have to see about that tho lol.So if I could get a Idea of the cost I would appreciate it.. Thank you