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Have you considered appearing on top rated podcasts as a featured expert guest in front of your perfect audience to grow your brand?

My company, Command Your Brand Media, helps businesses and entrepreneurs to do just that, grow your brand on top rated podcasts as an expert guest.

In fact, one of our clients appeared on shows that he had been trying to appear on for years, and by being on the right shows and following our system, he generated an additional $100k in sales, over 3 months, directly from the podcasts we placed him on.

Another set of clients, who are business coaches, said we were the best decision that they ever made and they doubled their business over the course of our podcast guesting program.

We’ve placed clients on thousands of shows, like the Art of Charm, Bulletproof Radio, Entrepreneur on Fire and many other well established and respected podcast shows.

When people know you, your marketing becomes more effective and your advertising converts better.

Appearing on Podcasts as a guest is how you get known; as a top 100 iTunes podcast host for the last 4 years, featured in places like Forbes and INC, I have first hand experience of the power of podcasts.

Are you looking for help with this? I would love to set a time to chat with you about what podcasts can do for you and how we can help your business to grow.

Just let me know if this sounds like something you’d benefit from.

Either way, I look forward to your continued business growth!

Also, I haven’t subscribed you to any sort of list, I simply personally reached out to you, if you don’t wish to hear from me again, just let me know 🙂