Name: April Anne Adicks


Phone No.:

Message: I have been seeing Dr. Bob Christenson for Activator treatment and treatment in my legs for Lipedema, in Lawrence for the past 5 years. He retired last week. I have severe radiculopathy from spinal stenosis, 2 slipped discs, chronic pain disease in my SI joints, right hip/pelvis, nerves in my right thigh down to just below my knee. I had a 4 level laminectomy that revealed my spinal nerves have been crushed and are no longer activated. I have a Nevro Spinal Stimulator that was sutured in at my 9-10 lumbar, but the the pain still exists and I have very limited mobility. I also have Lipedema from my waist down – most significantly in my knees and calves that is extremely painful. If you are taking patients, and think you may be able to help with my pain, I would be grateful to set up a time to meet you and for treatment. Thank you for reading this message, I look forward to meeting with you. April Adicks