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Yo, listen up, I got a legal rap for you
From hiring bonuses to rental agreements, so true
First off, let’s talk about that hiring bonus agreement
You gotta read it carefully, don’t just skim the page
Moving on to rental agreements in Alberta, gotta know your rights
Don’t sign on that dotted line without putting up a fight
What about PCO in government contracting? What does it mean?
Gotta stay informed, don’t wanna end up looking green
And Donna Goudeau, legally blind, what’s the deal?
Understanding her rights, making sure everything is real
Remember, legal structure ownership is key
Know who owns what, don’t let yourself be seen as a nobody
Before I end this rap, I’ve got one last thing to say
Get that legal advice note, don’t let your knowledge sway
So there you have it, from hiring to rental agreements in Alberta
Gotta stay informed, man, that’s the real criteria