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Dr. Kenneth Kim
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6225 Brandon Ave #175
Springfield VA, 22150
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10:00AM-12:00PM ~ 2:30PM-6:00PM
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Safe office and excellent service!
I was afraid of going anywhere due to COVID-19 but the office is exceptionally clean, bright and made us feel safe to go multiple times a week. Being pregnant, I really loved the depth of knowledge that Dr. Candace have and it helped relief my lower back pain caused by the pregnancy. My husband finds a lot of relief from the injury for his back as well. If it wasn’t for this practice, we would never find out that my husband has a spine fracture - no one bothered to tell us to get an x-ray after seeing multiple physical therapists and an internal medicine doctor. We are thankful for Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Candace’s professionalism that allowed us to trust our family’s chiropractic care with the practice. - Eileen G.
Real results!
Talk about life changing results, in one visit. Yes, just one visit !!! The amount of detail and time taken by them to find the root of my problems, that most professional people over look or don't listen to was so above and beyond. They worked on my neck, back, shoulder and knee pain, which now I no longer am suffering from. I look forward to having follow up care if this is the first impression. Simply amazing results. Big kiddos and raves , Thanks so much Salt and Light !!! - Star Dust
They listen and address my concerns
Both chiropractors are great! They are friendly and they really listen to what you tell them. I was very impressed after my first two visits and I will go back. - Diana S.
My whole family approves
I was looking for a chiropractor to take my 11-yo son to. He had a knee and ankle injury from a couple of years ago that was still giving him problems. I wanted a chiropractor who was trained with pediatric patients. I am so thrilled we found Salt and Light! Not only is my son a patient, but now my husband and I are going as well. My husband has had less than great experiences with chiropractors in the past, so he was hesitant. But, working with Dr. Ken and Dr. Candace has been a game changer. He has been for multiple visits already. We appreciate their skill and gentle but effective technique, as well as their friendliness and genuine desire to help people feel better. I have already recommended them to friends and will continue to! - Janna M.
About Dr. Kenneth Kim
Salt & Light Chiropractic is a family-owned business run by husband and wife team, Drs. Candace and Kenneth Kim. We passionately believe in treating you like family, which means we offer gentle and effective chiropractic care to give you quick relief, affordable fees, friendly service, and ethical practices. Come see how we're different! Our specialties include: Activator Methods full advanced protocol using the Activator V, Perinatal Care, Webster Technique, soft tissue techniques, brain-based posture correction, and nutritional counseling. Come see how we’re different. We respect your time and are efficient, so that means short or zero wait times for you! We are located in the Springfield Corporate Center a few doors down from Navy Federal Credit Union.

Services Offered
Family Care
Nutritional Counseling
New Patients Welcome
Auto Injuries
Blood & Nutritional Tests
Corrective Exercises
Custom Exercise
Full Activator Spine Adjustments
Member of Most Provider Organizations
New Patients Seen Same Day
Personal Injuries
Physical Therapy Postural

Dr. Kenneth KimDr. Kenneth KimDr. Kenneth KimDr. Kenneth KimDr. Kenneth Kim