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Dr. Ted Marriott
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Pasadena CA, 91106
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About Dr. Ted Marriott
Dr. Ted Marriott is a native Californian and has over 30 years experience as a licensed chiropractic doctor. He specializes in advanced Activator Method Chiropractic Technique.
He also uses other gentle neuromuscular methods of therapy including Trigenics and Cold laser therapy.
Every year he attends post-graduate seminars for the Activator Method through Parker college. Dr. Marriott has a strong athletic background that includes being a state champion and an All-American winner in collegiate gymnastics. On a personal note, as a teenager, he had a serious lower back injury and was told by his gymnastic coach to see a chiropractor. That experience changed his life and gave him the desire to later become a chiropractic doctor. His strong athletic and science background has been a great asset for his patients. He has maintained his advanced proficiency rating with Activator Method since 2005. You can make appointments directly from his website www.StayWellcp.com or call his 24 hour scheduling service to help you or leave him a message.

Services Offered
Nutritional Counseling
New Patients Welcome
Auto Injuries
Corrective Exercises
Programs Digital Scan Foot Levelers
Full Activator Spine Adjustments
New Patients Seen Same Day
Personal Injuries
Physical Therapy Postural
Therapeutic Laser Therapy

Dr. Ted MarriottDr. Ted MarriottDr. Ted MarriottDr. Ted MarriottDr. Ted Marriott

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