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Dr. Roechelle L. Smith
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Aurora CO, 80014
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About Dr. Roechelle L. Smith
Dr. Roechelle L. Smith understands the benefits of chiropractic care not only from her 18-year practice, but also from first-hand experience.
Throughout her school years, Dr. Smith had always been an avid dancer and fitness enthusiast with keen interest in body mechanics, movement, and innovative approaches to health and wellness were a priority. Along with dancing and teaching aerobics, she was a member of a Medical Emergency Response Team.

Upon graduation from Stanford University with an electrical engineering degree, she worked as a marketing engineer at Hewlett-Packard while continuing dance. Although she was athletic, she suffered severe bouts of asthma. Dr. Roechelle began using chiropractic after a series of car accidents. Her body fully healed through chiropractic care, and for the first time, her asthma attacks stopped.

It was a pivotal point in her life. Once she understood the connection of a subluxation-free spine and experienced true health, her life’s work took a new direction as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

Because of her training and her own healing experiences, Dr. Smith provides compassionate, professional care that has improved the lives of hundreds of patients. She believes in the empowerment value of health education, and gives motivational talks throughout the Denver metro area focusing on living a life of optimal health. Dr. Smith’s practice, Prolific Chiropractic is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages, and from all walks of life, in their journey toward ideal health.

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