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If you are suffering, call Dr. Peter
I met Dr. Peter at Walnut Creek wine festival last September. I signed up for the examination because of my constant bad shoulder & neck pain. The treatments have been very helpful. Moreover, Dr. Peter is a very knowledgeable and humble gentlemen. It's fun and relaxing to chat with him every time. My hubby starts his treatment recently as well. Both of us are very satisfied with Dr. Peter and his clinic. Don't feel hesitant to contact him if you are suffering.
Knee and shoulder feel better!
Met Dr. Rehl at the Pleasant Hill wine festival. Got a massage and I signed up for a consultation and adjustment. He has a great bedside manner and explains everything to you. I have knee and shoulder issues and we are working through it. I feel so much better. -Virginia G.
He listens to me, and my neck pain is much better
Dr. Rehl has been so helpful since I started seeing him. He listens to me and then explains his plan for care. I don't mind asking him questions, as he always seems willing to take the time to explain things to me. His chiropractic care has greatly improved my daily life. My neck pain gets better with each visit with Dr. Rehl. I would recommend him to anyone. -Nelia W.
Immediate and long lasting relief, and better strength!
Dr. Rehl is very methodical in his approach to alignment and combines this with soft tissue treatment, which greatly enhances the benefit overall. I have had IMMEDIATE and long lasting improvement in strength and pain relief from this unique combination. I have been a long time believer in chiropractic, but a friend of mine had been reluctant to try it. When she went to see Dr. Rehl, she was amazed at how comfortable she was with his approach and was very happy with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Rehl! -Cyndie H.
Friendly, informative, significant improvements
Dr. Rehl is very friendly and informative. I saw significant improvements in just a few appointments. I would highly recommend him. -Zack Z.
Knowledgeable, skilled, caring and significant improvements
Dr. Rehl is very knowledgeable, skilled, and caring. I saw significant improvement to my neck, knee, and shoulders after going consistently to see him. I highly recommend him! -Sarah Y.
Dr. Peter is totally amazing! 6 stars! Acute back pain gone!
Dr. Peter is amazing! I'd been suffering from acute back pain for several weeks. After just a few visits, my pain was gone. He's super knowledgeable and is always willing to share his expertise. He truly believes in not only taking care of the immediate issue but how to help people live better, healthy lives. I'd give him 6 stars if I could and would recommend him to any and all! -Tammy M.
Dr. Rehl took care of my elderly mother, neck pain and posture are better!
I brought my 88 year old precious mother to Dr. Rehl after she requested help for the muscle pain in her neck. Not only has he helped the pain, but she now has better rotation, better posture, and feels much better in the mornings getting up. Dr. Rehl has been so attentive to her whole health. He loves what he does and believes in helping people live healthy lives. I am grateful! I would recommend Dr. Rehl to anyone at any age. It's never too late to feel good! -Nancy W.
Dr. Rehl is great! Neck pain gone and I can turn my head
Dr. Rehl is great! I had never seen a chiropractor before Dr. Rehl. I woke up one morning with neck pain so extreme that I could not turn my head. I was taking 800 mg of ibuprofen every 4 hours to make it thru work, and even then it was a struggle. My friend recommended Dr. Rehl. With the first visit, my pain was reduced significantly - to a mild discomfort. And I could turn my head. Within a couple more visits, the pain was completely gone. Should any of my friends ever require chiropractic care, I definitely recommend Dr. Rehl. - Karleen V.
Best chiropractor I ever have seen!
Dr. Peter is without a doubt the best chiropractor that I have ever been treated by. Over the past 12 years I have been treated by many different chiropractors and Dr. Peter is not only extremely knowledgeable but truly cares about you as a person. Book an appointment with Dr. Peter and you'll be in great hands. - Lee M.
Highly recommended for your personal and family doctor. Military injuries cared for.
Dr. Peter is so great! He is extremely knowledgeable on chiropractic ailments and issues that I have weekly. He actually spends time with me to diagnose and find a problem to the painful issues I have. He is personable and easy to talk to. I have found much relief in the services that Dr. Peter has thus far provided for me. I highly recommend him as your personal and family chiropractor. Thanks Peter and Stuctural Chiropractic for your continued service to my military related injuries. - Christopher E.
Great chiropractor, enthusiastic and good natured. Great at explaining to me what is going on with my health
I've been treated by Dr. Rehl and really like how earnest and good natured he is. His enthusiasm for health comes through at every visit and he does a great job educating me about what's going on with my body. If you need a chiropractor in the Walnut Creek area, I highly recommend him. - Elon B.
My chronic neck and shoulder pain are gone, my hip works, and I enjoy going to the gym again!
I have been a patient of Dr. Peter since April 2018. I met Dr. Peter at a local gym where "mini structural" exams were being demonstrated. After having the tense back, shoulder and neck rubbed out I scheduled a consult appointment the same day. I'm 65 years old and prior to treatment I was chronically sore, had a shoulder that ached a hip that popped when I walked, and stiff upon rising. I ignored the symptoms and discomfort and considered the aches and pain as part of the aging process. Plus, because I was not on any prescribed medications I thought I was "well". I cannot believe the difference chiropractic treatment has made in my life. The symptoms described have dissipated and I look forward to my gym workouts which include the TRX, jump rope, weights, core training and boxing (sometimes). Thanks so much Dr. Peter! - Nancy T.
Immense relief felt after my lumbar spine surgery!
Anyone who is even remotely considering a chiropractor should go to Dr. Peter Rehl. Although I have only been going to him for a short time, I have felt immense relief. A couple years ago, I had a major invasive surgery on my lumbar spine which ultimately left me with 2 rods, 10 screws/bolts and a cage in front. My lower back also has been fused as a result. Although recently I had been experiencing quite a bit of pain, after this surgery I was really afraid of having anyone touch my back. But I knew I needed an adjustment and continued treatment. Dr. Rehl has a way of putting you at ease and this was a tremendous help. He takes the time to hear your concerns and explain the individual treatment he can provide. He has even gone above and beyond to share his knowledge on nutrition and how that affects progress moving forward. And it doesn't hurt that he prompted communication with my team at UCSF. The relief I have felt as a result of his care, combined with the deeper sleep, is priceless. I'm really excited to continue my recovery with Dr. Rehl by my side! - Korin H.
Childhood problem with tense neck and shoulder is gone
Dr. Peter focuses on my main concern which is a very tense neck and shoulder. This is something I have been dealing with since I was a teenager. On a local event at the park I stopped by Beyond Chiropractic's booth for a massage and that is how I met Dr. Peter, and he said I needed a treatment right away. My problem is finally gone and I strongly recommend people with this type of concern to see him. - Tammy B.
My discomfort with hip, low back and neck are gone. Great care!
Dr. Peter Rehl has helped me a great deal since I have been seeing him at Structural Chiropractic in Walnut Creek. He always is able to reduce my discomfort with his treatment and counseling on specific exercises to build up strength in my problem areas. I can highly recommend him and his staff. - Jackie C.
My persistent low back pain greatly reduced
Dr. Peter Rehl has been a tremendous help for my persistent lower back pain. After getting minimal relief from exercises prescribed by a physical therapist, I met Dr. Peter and decided to give chiropractic a try. I'm so glad I did! I will continue seeing him regularly for all my pain. - Bonnie K.
Pain and tension in my neck, lower back, shoulders, and ringing in my ears all gone!
Dr. Peter Rehl is wonderful, I am being treated for pain and tension in my neck, lower back, shoulders and ringing in my ears. He use methods of adjustment along with exercise, which helped improve and strengthen my body posture and relief in pain. Dr. Rehl is very knowledgeable and takes time to listen to you and to educate you about your body. I am very pleased and I highly recommend him. - Tina C.
Low back issues and shoulder pain gone. I also don't snore anymore
This was my first time visiting a chiropractor. Dr. Peter made me feel very comfortable from the start. He analyzed my back & immediately found areas of concern. After a few adjustments, I felt much better! My wife says I don't snore anymore. (I didn't know I did!) I also don't wake up at night with numbness in my arms any longer. Dr. Peter explained everything to me in a way that I could understand. I'm glad I finally tried chiropractic and that I found Dr. Peter. I recommend him for all your chiropractic needs. - Doug L.
Helpful and effective treatment
Dr Rehl has been helpful and effective in helping me resolve neck and lower back alignment and soft tissue inflammation issues.
About Dr. Peter Rehl
NOTE: For all appointments, please call our clinic directly, or email us through our website appointment request, not here through the Activator Methods portal.
Dr. Rehl's focus is on addressing Primary conditions (subluxations) and Structural Shifts (such as a straight neck, a degenerated disc), both of which can adversely affect your health. Primary conditions are where the joints of the body are not moving well and may not be properly aligned. This irritates the nerves at the joint, affecting your health. This is especially important at the spine, as nerves exit the spine and provide signals to the rest of your body. A very wide array of problems can follow as a result, we call these Secondary conditions. Correcting Primary conditions, done through adjustments, allows the elimination or improvement of Secondary conditions, such as pain, tingling, burning, numbness, headaches, loss of muscle strength, coordination, and range of motion to list a few examples. More broadly for your health, correcting Primary conditions allows you to have better energy, improved sleep, improved immune system, less stress so you feel more at ease, etc. Health has to do with improving, restoring, and maintaining function. Health is about the wholeness of the person, not just pains and aches. Dr. Rehl helps you heal by addressing the root cause of problems, which are often subluxations, and in doing so we can eliminate pain and symptoms (what you feel) but more importantly restore function. By adjusting your body we can unlock your body's innate ability to heal itself, restoring function, thus getting to the root cause of issues interfering with you health.

Dr. Rehl combines safe and effective adjusting of the spine, arms and legs, chiropractic soft tissue care.

We accept most major health insurance plans.

We are located west of Jack London Square, Oakland.

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Where can I find out more about Dr. Rehl and Structural Chiropractic?
Please visit our website at www.structurechiro.com and we also have lots of posts about health and chiropractic on our Facebook page @StructureChiro