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Dr. Peter Moncado DC
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With just 2 visits, Dr. Pete’s chiropractic techniques have given my daughter and I immediate relief from chronic back and neck pain that I have had for 10 years. Dr. Pete provides adjustments that are comfortable and not harsh (like twisting and cracking) to your body like other chiropractors that I have been to. I am telling all of my family and friends about the wonderful results I am getting from the adjustments by Dr. Peter Moncado.
Are you confident that this provider will continue working with you until a solution is reached? Absolutely Would you refer this provider to a family or friend? Definitely Did this provider show attention to detail? Absolutely Does this provider have a good professional reputation within your community? Definitely Did this provider’s staff seem to respect him/her? Definitely! The staff spoke very highly of this provider and it was clear that they held them in a position of high respect.
I have found my chiropractor for life! The office is always so clean, friendly, and easy to schedule with. Dr. Moncado is a great chiropractor who takes the necessary time with me, no quick 30 second adjustment here. I appreciate that he practices what he preaches and is a very fit, healthy guy.
I was a spring board diver for many years and ranked 4th in the United Sates when I was 17 years old. With all the stress placed on my body it took it’s tool on my feet, neck, hips, and back. For years I had no relief and this last year was terrible. I heard about Dr. Moncado and saw him and placed my life in his care. After 7 mos. my body is strong and I now am swimming again. It is a joy to get my life back together thanks to Dr. Moacado’s care and knowledge.
About Dr. Peter Moncado DC
Dr. Moncado has been a chiropractor since 1998 and is well-trained in advanced chiropractic techniques such as chiropractic biophysics, upper cervical, and specialized instrument adjusting. He graduated Magnum Cum Laude from Life West Chiropractic College and also holds a Master’s of Science in nutrition from Liberty University. He has academically taught at two separate colleges prior to building his practice. Teaching subjects such as anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, and body mechanics has given him a strong foundation in understanding how the human body works. He is highly experienced at resolving difficult cases after which other methods have been unable to do so.

In September of 2020, he published Real Help for Plantar Fasciitis and continues to be one of the few chiropractors that specialize in correcting injured, damaged feet.

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