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Dr. Patricia Richards-Drake
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8:00AM-11:30AM ~ 2:00PM-6:00PM
2:00PM ~ 6:00PM
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Dr. Richards and Dr. Drake
Fairfield Chiropractic's doctors and staff are great. I have seen both Dr. Richards and Dr. Drake over the years. Dr. Richards uses the activator method for adjusting patients, and it is the most gentle, comfortable, and effective method I have ever experienced. I totally recommend it. Dr. Drake specializes in rehabilitation and he helped me rehab my broken ankle and wrist. He was excellent at explaining and guiding me through my rehab exercises, and as a result I recovered my strength and full functioning of my broken ankle and wrist. Dr. Drake is also a certified acupuncturist. He performed acupuncture on me for both stress and pain. It worked very well and I highly recommend acupuncture for pain relief when nothing else works. And best of all, I can get in to see the doctors quickly when I need to see them right away. Their appointment system is online now and very quick and easy. I can even make appointments at night. Love the accessibility. I totally recommend Fairfield Chiropractic.
You are not just "another patient"
Have been visiting Fairfield Chiropractic for many years and for great reason! Great staff that's very personal and positive and not your typical doctor's office. Dr Richards and Dr Drake offer several types of treatments to fit your style and needs. Very attentive to their patients. After every visit, I am asked if there is anything I feel like was missed or I would like checked for my comfort. Not only do I feel like they truly care for my physical health, but also me personally. You are not just "another patient".
You won't be disappointed!
Fairfield Chiropractic & Acupuncture is top notch. Dr. Richards & Dr. Drake truly care about helping their patients get better. Not only do they perform their chiropractic services but listen to you and discuss ways you can help yourself. Very knowledgeable and caring. Their staff is always so kind and willing to work with your schedule. I am thankful for such great doctors! I would highly recommend checking out their services...you won't be disappointed!
Our family wouldn't be where we are today without your expertise and kindness!
I've been a patient of Dr. Drake and Dr. Richards since 1996 after a car accident left me unable to turn my head to the right. They have treated my entire family since then. They have seen us at our worst and been instrumental in helping our entire family regain our health on many levels. We've used all of their services from rehab, adjustments with the activator system to acupuncture. They are both extremely knowledgeable and compassionate. What I love about them most is that they don't treat us like cookie cutter patients. They give each of us individualized treatment and care. Always taking a whole body and mind approach to our wellness. Thank you Dr. Drake and Dr. Richards! Our family wouldn't be where we are today without your expertise and kindness!
Thank you Dr. Richards and Dr. Drake!
I initially hobbled into to the Fairfield chiropractic office looking for someone to alleviate my back pain. The initial treatments showed promise that i hadn’t had before. And here i am years later, grateful and indebted to two doctors that took the time to understand my needs, flexible enough to continue tweaking their treatment plans, secure enough to devise a personal maintenance plan with a goal of no longer needing treatments and caring enough to get to know me as a person.Dr. Richards utilizes the activator method which i have found to be a more precise solution to my adjustment needs. Dr. Drake practices more traditional chiropractic care as well as physical therapy. I have had the pleasure of working with both doctors and have bounced back and forth depending on what’s ailing me. Most importantly, they helped to devise a maintenance routine that allows me to lead the active lifestyle that i choose to live. I started out looking for a doctor to reduce my back pain and ended up with two life long friends.Thank you Dr. Richards and Dr. Drake!
Fairfield Chiropractic is an amazing doctors office
Fairfield Chiropractic is an amazing doctors office. The doctors and staff are incredibly caring and professional. I have taken my entire family to see Dr. Richards and Dr. Drake and have always received exemplary care. I would not hesitate to recommend this office to anyone.
I have had nothing but outstanding care
I have had nothing but outstanding care with this chiropractic office. I originally scheduled for a TMJ Related issue that was resolved quickly. I enjoyed my care so much I continue to go in for monthly adjustments.
Dr. Drake and Dr. Richards are a great team.
Dr. Drake and Dr. Richards are a great team. I was in a bad place physically; headaches going on 2-3 years that would last a week or more, shoulder-upper-mid-lower back pain, and pain in my ribs that was making it hard to breathe. Dr. Drake was able to relieve my rib pain so I left breathing much better. Dr. Richards fine tuned the rest of my issues, helping to reduce the area pain was effecting my body. I have been seeing them for going on 6 months and my headaches are no longer running my life. My back pain is getting much better as well. I have to end this with a note that I had tried many other treatments prior to my visits with these two wonderful people including; botox, physical therapy, breast reduction surgery, yoga, Pilates, etc. And nothing was able to relieve the headaches until coming to Fairfield Chiropractic. They are a team with all the problem solving skills beyond what I have seen in the many specialist I have visited over the last 11-15 years for my issues. I highly recommend them to anyone.
Dr Richards and Dr Drake
I have been using Dr Richards and Dr Drake for many years for both chiropractic and acupuncture. I have also seen many other chiropractors all over the US and have never found an office with more personal care and outstanding work than Fairfield Chiropractic
Easily a 5 star rating without a question!
After many years of back issues between sports and the military I finally pushed it over the edge with a snowboarding injury coupled with weight lifting. The pain was enough to keep me grounded and prevented me from so much as sleeping, let alone enjoying life. I went to Dr Drake off of a suggestion from a friend and I could not be happier. Since I started going there my back issues have been greatly reduced, and issues that I have been dealing with for years have become nearly unnoticeable. I have recommended him to all of my friends with back issues because of the outstanding service, and excellent results. Easily a 5 star rating without a question!
I highly recommend Fairfield Chiropractic for any issues you have!
After having severe migraines and years of sleepless nights a friend told me that a Chiropractor could help with my situation. So made an appointment at Fairfield Chiropractic and I could not of been happier with the whole experience! Dr. Drake is great at what he does and the staff is very nice and informative. Just after a few visits my migraines have went away and I can finally get a good nights sleep. I highly recommend Fairfield Chiropractic for any issues you have!
Highly recommend!
I was driving a lot of miles and developed a pinched nerve with numbness in my left hand. Dr. Drake was able to make the necessary adjustments giving me pain relief. I have been back for other pain issues and have always gotten great results. Highly recommend!
About Dr. Patricia Richards-Drake
Dr. Richards attended Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri where she became Advanced Proficiency Rated in Activator Methods in 1992. She has helped thousands of people in Ohio achieve better health through chiropractic care. She followed in the footsteps of her father, Dr. George Richards of Mentor, Ohio. He was an instructor for Activator Methods and was one of the first Activator doctors to publish a paper on the ability of Activator Methods to reduce disc herniation as seen on MRI.

Along with her husband Dr. Mark Drake, they deliver both Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique and Traditional Adjustments as well as Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Acupuncture.

They are providers for most insurance companies and are part of ChiroHealth USA. They take care of people who have also been in car accidents and work related injuries and treat all ages as well as post surgery patients.

They provide 24 hour phone coverage for their office and offer online scheduling for their busy patients. The office is conveniently located right off of I-70 and SR 256 in the Hunter's Run Plaza. The office is only 30 minutes from downtown and the Airport.

Services Offered
Family Care
Nutritional Counseling
New Patients Welcome
Adjunctive Physical Therapies
Auto Injuries
Corrective Exercises
Custom Exercise
Emergency Care Available 24/7
Full Activator Spine Adjustments
Member of Most Provider Organizations
On-Site X-Ray
Personal Injuries
Workers Compensation
X-Ray Imaging

Dr. Patricia Richards-DrakeDr. Patricia Richards-DrakeDr. Patricia Richards-DrakeDr. Patricia Richards-DrakeDr. Patricia Richards-DrakeDr. Patricia Richards-DrakeDr. Patricia Richards-DrakeDr. Patricia Richards-DrakeDr. Patricia Richards-Drake