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Advanced Proficiency Rated
Dr. Michael I. Huppert
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A complete turnaround!
Four weeks ago I was in excruciating pain. I could barely walk, stand or sit down. I had no idea how I had hurt myself and I was terrified that I had a serious injury when I noticed that my hips were out of alignment. I had never had chiropractic care before. Dr. Huppert and his staff quickly eased my worries. They are all so friendly and took the time to get to know me personally. What I appreciate most about them is that they took the time to explain each step of the recovery process, as well as the purpose of regular chiropractic care. They are willing to do treatment at your pace and don't try push or sell anything that you don't want to do. Since beginning treatment I am a completely different person. The progress that I've made is remarkable. My entire body feels amazing. I not only have better posture but my headaches and stomach issues have disappeared too. This experience has been eye opening and has inspired me take better care of myself.
About Dr. Michael I. Huppert
Dr. Michael Huppert is an honors graduate of both Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts and Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Georgia. Dr. Huppert has an Advanced Proficiency Rating in the Activator Method, and has been practicing principled, specific chiropractic in Athens, GA since 1989. Utilizing the Activator Method allows Dr. Huppert to treat a wide range of patients that require a gentle touch.

Services Offered
Family Care
New Patients Welcome
Auto Injuries
Full Activator Spine Adjustments
New Patients Seen Same Day
On-Site X-Ray
Personal Injuries
Provider for Most Insurance Plans
Se Habla Espanol
Workers Compensation
X-Ray Imaging

Dr. Michael I. HuppertDr. Michael I. HuppertDr. Michael I. HuppertDr. Michael I. HuppertDr. Michael I. Huppert

What should I expect on my first visit?
We will first meet with you to discuss your problems and determine how you can best be treated through chiropractic care through our complimentary consultation. We will also conduct a complimentary benefits check if you would like us to look into your insurance. Next you will receive a thorough examination consisting of orthopedic, neurological, physical and chiropractic tests. X-rays may also be used in order to thoroughly evaluate your condition. The doctor will be able to determine if you have arthritis, disc degeneration, pathologies or a condition that may be contradictory to treatment.
What about my second appointment?
Your second appointment will be your report of findings. After the doctor has studied your history, exam, and x-rays, he will meet with you to discuss your condition and the recommended course of chiropractic care. A staff member will also sit down with you to discuss your insurance coverage and/or cash plans and expected payment arrangements. Your treatment program will then be specifically designed to meet your needs using safe and effective spinal adjustments, physical therapy and exercise.