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Dr. Marcus Dunn
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447 S. Sharon Amity Rd., Ste. 210
Charlotte NC, 28211
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9:00AM-1:00PM ~ 3:00PM-6:00PM
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9:00AM-1:00PM ~ 3:00PM-6:00PM
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Highly recommend
Dr. Dunn made time in his busy schedule to see me the same day I had a very scary injury. I told him that I heard a "pop" and had significant pain. He got me in quickly, assessed my injury and put together a treatment plan to address my injury as well as underlying issues that contributed to it. He took his time and patiently explained the science behind the adjustments that he proposed and was extremely committed to making me well again. It is impossible to miss the fact that Marcus truly cares for his patients. He is committed to them in a way that is very refreshing. I would recommend Dr. Dunn to my family and friends and feel confident that he will put their care at the top of his priority list. We are lucky to still have small business owners in Charlotte like Marcus Dunn who can provide the personal and compassionate care of times past. I can't say enough about him. -Francheska W.
Worth the drive!
About two years ago I threw my back out and was in severe pain. Someone suggested that I see a chiropractor, but I was reluctant to try one based on stories I'd heard about chiropractors who make you sign up for a set amount of adjustments or who pressure you into purchasing all kinds of supplements and things. I am happy to say my experience with Dr. Dunn has totally changed my opinion about chiropractic care in general. Now, not only do I receive regular adjustments, but I take my teenage son to Dr. Dunn too. Dr. Dunn is a very competent and compassionate professional. He is wonderful about explaining things in a way to that makes sense. He believes, as I do, that our bodies were designed to heal themselves, so the techniques he uses are a means to that end. Dr. Dunn has been practicing for many years yet he stays current on new trends and techniques in the field. I also appreciate the fact that Dr. Dunn is very flexible with his scheduling. My calendar get very erratic at times, making it difficult to keep my appointments. Changing things around has never been a problem, Dr. Dunn has always worked to accommodate our family-even meeting us at the office on a Saturday when needed. There are more than a dozen other chiropractors within a few miles of our home but we're willing to drive out of our way to see Dr. Dunn because we trust him so much. -Lisa J. Indian Trail, NC
Happy teenager
Dear Dr. Dunn, I think you are a great chiropractor. You are very friendly and positive. You also communicate well - you tell me what you are doing and why you are doing it. I like that. Thank you for helping me. I feel better since I started seeing you! Kade W. (13 YOA) Charlotte, NC
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