Dr. Lindsay Colette Smith

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Dr. Lindsay Colette Smith
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2510 Fairview Ave. E, Ste. 100
Seattle WA, 98102
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1:00PM ~ 7:00PM
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David H
Dr. Lindsay is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and effective. She put my ribs back in place and literally helped me breathe again. Now I come back for regular adjustments and I couldn't be happier. Especially with her convenient hours, location, and online booking.
Bryan B
As a full time yoga teacher and personal trainer, I am always pushing my edge. Along with my lifestyle comes injuries. Time and again I have injured myself and thought to myself , "this will take months to heal". Every time Dr. Lindsay was able to adjust me and in no time at all I was back doing the things I love to do. Her office is comfortable, her prices are affordable, and most of all, I feel better as I walk out the door.
Mike W
Dr. Lindsay completely changed my perspective on chiropractic care due to the speed with which she was able to help me recover from an injury. I suffered an acute lower back injury that made it extremely painful and difficult to do even basic things like getting out of bed, getting in/out of my car, standing up straight or even standing at all for extended periods of time. I began seeing Dr. Lindsay for treatment and she had a major impact on my recovery. The reduction in pain and improvement in my mobility, even from one session to the next, was hard for me to believe at the time. I had experienced a similar injury a several years prior and the difference in my recovery time with Dr. Lindsay's help was absolutely night and day (weeks, vs. several months). I can't recommend Dr. Lindsay highly enough. She's knowledgeable, friendly and has a great ability to clearly explain what she's doing and how it will aid in recovery. If you're dealing with any sort of acute or chronic pain, do yourself a favor and go see her!
Michelle L
I have known and been adjusted by Dr. Lindsay for years and am eternally grateful for her exceptional care. She is precise and thoughtful in her chiropractic adjustments and is genuinely concerned with others' wellbeing. A year ago, I was experiencing weekly recurrences of vertigo that was debilitating and completely affected my ability to work, or do any normal activities for that matter. Dr. Lindsay supported me immensely with adjustments, recommendations (both lifestyle and for complementary types of care) and encouragement to stay with the process of healing, because at times it felt like I was never going to recover. Thanks to consistent, gentle and specific care, I did! I am so happy that LC Chiropractic has opened in Eastlake and the space is warm and lovely. Plus, Dr. Lindsay offers the convenience of online scheduling, digital x-ray on site and an abundance of plants to keep the air clean. :)
About Dr. Lindsay Colette Smith
At LC Chiropractic, we strive to offer a warm and relaxing experience so you can focus on your health. We are a small office with two doctors and a single front desk staff located in the cozy Eastlake neighborhood location. Our reputation for being gentle, accurate and thorough is bolstered by the practice of educating our patients in better ways of managing and improving their lives for maximum energy and wellness. Using precise and gentle adjustments, we can help relieve chronic and acute pain.

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