Dr. Diane L. Michaels

Advanced Proficiency Rated
Dr. Diane L. Michaels
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501 Village Green Parkway, Ste. 14
Bradenton FL, 34209
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8:45AM-12:00PM ~ 1:00PM-5:00PM
8:45AM-12:00PM ~ 1:00PM-5:00PM
8:45AM-12:00PM ~ 1:00PM-5:00PM
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"I was limping with every step because of sciatica from a disc problem. I saw my M.D. but after 3 weeks of continued pain I'd had enough. I had never had this type of Chiropractic care before (Activator) but it works and is painless. Dr. Diane is great & very helpful."
Arm Numbness & Headaches:
"The numbness in my arm is gone. I left weights without problem, and I can't remember my last headache! Thanks Doc!" - Barb K.
Auto Accident:
" I had hip and neck pain since my auto accident and couldn't sleep. Dr. Diane is very thorough and she understands. It's great not to have pain anymore." - Gloria S.
Chronic Low Back Pain from Fracture and Disc problems"
"I had 4th lumbar fracture and disc problems resulting in sciatic problems for years. My improvement is significant. I don't feel lame any more. " - Sam B.
Ear Infections:
"My daughter had recurrent ear infections. Now no more ear infections & our whole life has improved. I no longer have a constantly sick child." - Deborah & Brianna D.
About Dr. Diane L. Michaels
Dr. Michaels received her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 1978 at Southern California University of Health Sciences, Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, long considered one of the world's best chiropractic schools. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at the University of Colorado in 1973. Dr. Diane trained and achieved Advanced Proficiency Rating in Activator Methods Technique in 1991. She began private practice in Santa Monica, California in 1979, and relocated to Bradenton in 1995. Her knowledge of the human body and her gentle techniques help you get back to an active, independent lifestyle in a timely manner.
Will my Insurance pay?
Dr. Michaels is a Provider for many health plans. Most major insurance companies cover chiropractic care and massage therapy. Her friendly Staff will be glad to check with your insurance carrier to help you determine your coverage.

Services Offered
Family Care
Nutritional Counseling
New Patients Welcome
Adjunctive Physical Therapies
Auto Injuries
Corrective Exercises
Custom Exercise
Full Activator Spine Adjustments
New Patients Seen Same Day
Personal Injuries
Se Habla Espanol
Workers Compensation

Dr. Diane L. Michaels

Will my insurance cover this?
Many insurance policies do cover Chiropractic care. When you call, we can help you determine what your coverage will be. We will bill your insurances directly.
What will my first visit be like?
The 1st visit is designed to determine the source(s) of your problem(s). A very thorough exam will be performed. At the end of the exam, Dr. Michaels explain she has found, and what can be done to resolve and stabilize those problems. That will include what Dr. Diane needs to do, and what You need to do to strengthen yoursefl now and fto maintain a healthier active lifestyle. Once your questions are answered, she will then proceed with your 1st Chiropractic treatment. Expect to start getting better!
How do I learn how you're rated as a Doc?
Check our ratings on Health Grades, Yelp, Google, Yahoo, our Web site, and Facebook pages. Talk to others. Most of our patients find us through referrals from other very satisfied patients who want to share their success with others.
Do you have a Web site?
Yes. Come visit us at www.drdianemichaels.com. You may always call (941) 761-0210 if you have further questions; or email usat gentlechirodrd@aol.com.
Oh No! You're closed today!
Call us, please! Right now the office is open for full hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. But we know what its like to be in Pain! So, call us. We might be able to see you on a Tuesday or Thursday. It can't hurt to ask, right?