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Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea
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Maui - Yoga Instructor
The most knowledgeable chiropractor I've ever been to! As a yoga instructor and movement enthusiast, I'm very active every week. So it's essential to have someone like Dr. Dennis in my corner to consult whenever weird aches and pains arise. He always knows what to do and can recommend more material for me to look in to. Just marvelous!
I am Beyond grateful for the knowledgeable and friendly care from Dr. Dennis. I met him at my yoga studios open house and been seeing him weekly since. He is very educated on the anatomy of body, Chinese medicine, natturopath remedies, yoga and good conversation. His gentle adjustments are the best. I have had horrible experiences with chiropractors before and he immediately settled those fears. I've been a dancer and athlete my whole life so I walked in a hot mess; everyday and week I feel a gradual lessening of my pain. I trust in this process and I trust in Dr. Dennis. Check him out!
Dr. Dennis is nothing short of amazing!!! He helped me get a full range of motion back within a couple treatments... Thank you Dr. Dennis!
Parker Mattson
Dr. Cozzocrea is the man you'll want to see if you need chiropractic care! My fiancee and I have been going to him for a while now and we're always happy with the work he does. Recently, I hurt my neck/back and he was able to fit me in the schedule the next day. He had me back to a functional state in no time. After some check-ups, I'm as good as new. He's a great chiropractor who cares a great deal about the well-being of his patients and I highly recommend him.
Vicki Hopkins
Dr Dennis Cozzocrea at Gentle Chiropractic has been awesome. I wanted the gentler proficient activator method, as well as someone with an easy going, non judgmental personality, yet knowledgeable enough to keep me pain free! He fills the profile of what I want in every way. I'm very happy with him! I told my friend about him and she also loves his adjustments. Vicki (Hillsboro)
Bette Steflik
Since November 2016 I have been coming to Dr. Dennis because of a serious automobile accident. My injuries have been to my neck, head, upper back, shoulder, wrist and leg. I received immediate relief with his gentle chiro method. I walked out of his office feeling renewed. He is quite knowledgeable in nutrition canceling and Chinese Five Elements and has given me insights with how to address my overall core and digestion. I highly recommend him.
Frances Fork (Massage Therapist)
I was fortunate to have found Dr Dennis Cozzocrea 25 years ago. Took care of my long time painful neck issues with his amazing gentle adjustments. He is the best chiropractor I have known! I am a massage therapist & have been exposed to a lot of chiropractors. Now that I live in Arizona & he has an office in the Portland area, I'm happy to still see him when I am visiting the area.
Veteran Wiley Fortson
My Chiropractor lives in Southern CA. I have spoken to many Chiropractors and for the first time outside of my go to doc, this has been the best experience. Working in Military Medicine and healthcare, I have a hefty dose of suspicion. I was at ease just from the first 5 min of conversation and the knowledge was off the charts awesome. From head to toe and everything in between, we discussed what was going on, plus, everything along the way was explained and why. As an athlete and avid outdoors man, I feel GREAT and highly recommend Dr. Cozzocrea. As a Veteran, I can wholeheartedly appreciate the good service and professionalism exhibited at Gentle Chiro, and thank Dr Dennis Cozzocrea for his service of serving his country and now our local community.
Brad (Attorney)
Dr. Dennis is great. I sometimes have one issue or another from my fitness and running routines, coupled with working at a desk all day. Recently Dr. Dennis helped straighten me out - if you want someone with experience and great judgment, he is the guy!
Joan Edgell (Accountant)
Dr. Dennis is awesome! On my first visit he did a full work up of my medical history and asked lots of questions so that he was able to customize my treatment. He even told me he could help with my TMJ!! And - he did!! Over the last few months I have been in to see Dr. Dennis several times, sometimes with very specific issues such as headaches or back aches. Each time I have gone in for an adjustment I have had relief from my aches and pains, very often it has been noticeable as I was walking to my car!! Dr. Dennis truly is THE gentle chiropractor.
Jade (Auto Accident)
After my car accident I went to gentle chiro for my treatment. I have had such an amazing experience working with Dr. Cozzocrea. He has been very direct and specific in my treatments needs and although my healing has been slow, going to gentle chiro has been the only thing getting me through. I highly recommend this establishment. Very professional and friendly.
I have never been to such a thorough, precise, and knowledgable chiropractor! My husband had been going to Gentle Chiro and kept saying I needed to go. I had a long list of issues: migraine, tail bone injury, and TMJ. He has helped with everyone of those issues. He has so much useful knowledge and I love how he explains and teaches while he is treating you. I leave knowing exactly what got treated and why. Don't wait like I did! Just go here and make yourself feel better! Here's to your health:)
Jenifer (Daughter was pulling her hair out)
Dr. Cozzocrea is a great Dr. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and explains everything in terms I can understand. He has been instrumental in my daughters battle with pulling her hair out, and my daughter (12) said that out of all the therapists, drs, and psychiatrists she has seen, he's made the most impact. Thank you Dr. Dennis!
Tim (Chronic Pain)
I have been dealing with full body pain for three years after my car accident and and im doing awsome now after seeing Dr. Cozzocrea im virtually pain free and confident i can play sports again and my outdoor activities just after a few months of gentle treatments and supplements. He's Friendly smart and caring hes the best chiropractor around. if you hurt come check him out you wont be disappointed .
Ginger (A patient at my previous practice)
I LOVE Dr Dennis! The only thing that would make his practice better would be if it came back to Yakima! I had always been scared of neck adjustments until I started going to him. I highly recommend him
Lisa (Long time Patient)
I had been a patient of Dr. Dennis for more than 20 years before he moved to Portland,OR. He is extremely knowledgeable about chiropractic and has helped myself and my two sons with health issues through adjustments and nutritional supplements. He is friendly, genuine, and great at what he does. I would highly recommend him to anyone considering chiropractic or looking for a more natural approach to health care.
Nagging pinching pain when I sit on backless seats or bar stools. Had the pain for over 10 years in different degrees. 3 appointments and some exercise homework later I can't feel the pain no matter what I do. Absolutely amazing.
Anthony (Sciatica)
I highly recommend Dr. Cozzocrea for any kind of pain in your body. I first went to him for a sciatic problem and was amazed how I was pain free from just one adjustment. Give him a try, you won't be disappointed!
Brad (Gut Problems)
Several years ago I came to Dennis with feet, hip and gut problems. He helped me tremendously with all three problems with a combination of specific supplements and adjustments. Highly recommend him.
Rosie (Massage Therapist)
Dr. Dennis is great! He recently took over Dr. Victoria's practice. I have been going to Victoria for 19 years and though excited for her I was also sad to see her retire! Dr. Dennis is extremely gentle and somewhat similar to Victoria, but has added a lot of different affective treatments. I am also a massage therapist and have referred to Victoria for 19 years and I feel very confident and comfortable referring my clients to Dr Dennis. You will be in gentle hand!
About Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea
Dr. Dennis Cozzocrea is the doctor of chiropractic care at Gentle Chiro. He serves patients in Tigard, Oregon. During his years of practice, he has developed a method of adjusting the spine and extremities, which is very gentle technique. There is no twisting or rapid movements in the neck, yet it is highly effective in helping patients with a variety of conditions.

Dr. Dennis helps patients with a wide variety of issues including arthritis, fibromyalgia, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, herniated disc, TMJ, nutritional counseling, and allergies. Dr. Dennis goal as the chiropractic care provider at Gentle Chiro is to help patients achieve the good health that they deserve in an all-natural way.

Dr. Dennis earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1990 from Palmer College in Iowa. Prior to moving to the Portland area in 2015, he was the director of a large multidisciplinary clinic in central Washington. Dr. Dennis began as a chiropractic patient himself after having years of debilitating headaches. He believes in chiropractic care so strongly that he still sees his own chiropractor at least once a month, and so do all of his family members and office staff.

Additionally, Dr. Dennis teaches Functional Nutrition to health care providers around the country. He is the father of five children and enjoys skiing, hiking, and is an avid reader. He also is a yoga zealot and has practiced several times per week for many years. Dr. Dennis looks forward to helping others achieve the good health that chiropractic care can bring. Call for a consultation anytime!

Services Offered
Family Care
Nutritional Counseling
New Patients Welcome
Auto Injuries
Custom Exercise
Full Activator Spine Adjustments
Member of Most Provider Organizations
New Patients Seen Same Day
On-Site X-Ray
Personal Injuries
Provider for Most Insurance Plans
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Finding our office.
We are located on the corner of Hall and Greenburg Rd.; just across from Washington Square and easily accessible from Highways, 217, I-5 and 99. When you come into the complex you can enter from Hall or from Greenburg. We are in the largest building and the only one with a flat roof. You should park next to the new condos on the east side of the complex and come in the Grant South entrance. We have great parking, we're on the ground floor and it's a quick in and out of the building. We look forward to seeing you.
Insurance Billing?
We are in network for many insurance companies and we have applied for others that we are not currently in network with. Our billing person is Robin and she does a great job at figuring out your benefits. Please call or text us to find out if we are in your network.
Auto Accidents
We bill all auto insurance companies and there is no out of pocket expense to the patient. We are often able to get you in on the same day. We can also refer you for other services that may be needed: MRI, CT, Massage, Acupuncture, etc Most patients that have been in an auto accident appreciate the gentle approach that we use. There is no twisting or popping and you will feel comfortable at all times.