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Dr. Debra Yerman, D.C.
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Nina M.
“I came to Dr. Yerman with a terrible neck pain for almost a month. I was very impressed by the complete physical exam I was given. I am a research chemist and frankly I had very little faith in Chiropractic, but I decided to try it anyway. It took about one week and my pain was gone! GONE! I have been telling my skeptic friends about this wonderful doctor ever since.”
Selma M.
“In June I arrived at Dr. Deb’s office barely walking. I suffer with acute back pain since age 21. Well, I had no fear of her but I thought I would never get better. I followed her instructions perfectly, and I feel great and so much stronger.”
Marla D.
“During my 6th month of pregnancy I started experiencing lower back and hip pain. Every time I took a step I could feel a SHARP pain in both hips and low back...I was quite leery to have someone twisting my body, but I was assured by Dr Debbie that she treats pregnant patients often and the method used is very gentle, (non-force). After one week I could tell the pain was less severe and now I have very little if any. I will urge all pregnant women with back pain to contact Dr. Yerman. I also want to say the staff is professional, helpful and truly concerned about the patients.”
Lorraine M.
“I came to Dr. Yerman with a history of migraine headaches, and female hormonal disorders. Two weeks after being treated my migraines were down to once a week, instead of every day. Eventually, after about 6 weeks the headache’s went away completely. I discovered there is really no mystery to getting well. Dr. Yerman made it very simple to understand and I am grateful... Oh, and by the way I also went through my first pregnancy here and was adjusted to relieve some of the discomfort. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without the treatments. Thank you for the compassion and deep sense of commitment.”
Nina R.
“I am writing about my experience with chiropractic care and especially about the care I have received from Dr. Yerman. I am one of those people that always believed in traditional medicine only; pills, shots, surgery, whatever. Chiropractic treatments were suspect and I would not follow through on Dr. Yerman’s advice, even though we were friends and I totally trusted her expertise. I was struck with terrible, sciatic pain. No matter what I did, the pain was constant. I tried, pills, shots, everything and finally decided to put myself into Dr. Yerman’s capable hands...I followed her instructions and kept regular appointments. To my surprise and delight, when everything else failed her care and dedication finally corrected the situation and the pain disappeared. I am now such a believer that I should walk around the city wearing a sandwich board that reads, “I believe in chiropractic care!” When other doctors would have given up, Dr. Yerman was diligent in her treatments. She constantly explored different avenues, consulted with other doctors and researched all the new developments. I am amazed that after a year of pain, I am now walking around like a regular person, pain-free. I also learned that I must pay attention to my body in a much different way. I am going to keep coming for regular adjustments, so that I do not let my body get so out of whack again. Dr. Yerman’s office is a healing venue. Her staff is excellent and the entire environment makes one feel safe, cared for and relaxed. I have recommended Dr. Yerman to many people. I do so because I know she is the best and the feedback I have gotten confirms my opinion. She has treated and corrected many different ailments for my friends, family and coworkers. Everyone that has gone to her office comes out feeling pleasure to write a testimonial for such a dedicated and talented professional.”
Jennifer S.
“I suffered a torn disk in my lower back. It gradually got worse to where I was barely able to sit, stand, walk, even breath without pain. .....I went to my MD an got scans and pain killers, bed rest and a “threat” from a back specialist” that if I was not better in 4-6 weeks, the next step would be shot and then surgery. ...I did as best I could to allow my back time to heal and tried to manage the pain. Luckily a dear friend told me to go see Dr. Debra Yerman. I argued that I had tried everything and I really didn’t BELIEVE chiropractic would work for me. I believed that it worked for other people- but honestly my body didn’t “crack” and I did not see how that would make me feel any better. My friend insisted. Within seconds of talking to Dr. Debbie on the phone, I was in tears because I felt that she knew exactly what the pain was that I was feeling and why. The next day I went to her office, had a through examine and had no doubt that she was going to be able to help. I felt a little better after the first treatment, and finished my initial round of treatments and honestly feel like I have my body back. It took a while but I am good now. What is important is that Dr. Debbie has the experience, knowledge, and innate ability to know what is going on within your body and how to make it function better. I cannot thank her enough.”
Jewel H.
“I was having problems with my lower back with pain and numbness down my leg, for nearly 2 years It really hurt when I walked. My doctor sent me to physical therapy. I followed this advice for 4 months without any relief. The physical therapist said there was nothing more he could do, and told me the next step would be surgery. My daughter INSISTED I see Dr. Yerman. After one month I felt significant relief and was able to walk better and longer distance without pain. Three months after I started all pain subsided. I appreciate Dr. Yerman’s personal and caring attention to what I had to say and of her treatment towards me. Friends and family have all noticed my improvement and I continue to mention Dr. Deb whenever the opportunity arises. ”
Solli Y.
“I found out about chiropractic when I was in a car accident and was referred to see one. I was always afraid they were going to snap my neck. After several adjustments I realized that would not be the case. I felt comfortable when I came to see Dr. Yerman, she spent a lot of time with me and seemed confident she could help me. I’ve suffered from Vertigo on and off for over six years. I’ve seen medical doctors and done every test possible. They always offer me result and no solution to help with the problem Waste of Time! After being referred to Dr. Yerman and seeing her for only 3 weeks my Vertigo is 99% gone. She also has offered up advice on how to prevent it in the future and how to tweek little things in my life style to better my over all health and keep my Vertigo from returning.”
About Dr. Debra Yerman, D.C.
At Yerman Chiropractic our goal is to reduce your pain and get you the relief you need in the fewest visits possible. We take pride in providing the best health care possible for each of our patient's individual needs.

Dr. Debra Yerman received her Doctor of Chiropractic in 1979, and is licensed to practice chiropractic in the state of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Debra Yerman has built a reputation on insightful and compassionate health care, providing advanced treatments that are effective, long lasting, and uniquely designed to the specific needs of her patients.

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