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Dr. Daniel J. Thibodeau, DC
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Appleton WI, 54911
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Dana H.
I was involved in a car accident in September 2013. I had severe neck pain and was advised to see a chiropractor. I looked through a list of chiropractors and decided to go to Dr. Dan Thibodeau. Dr. Dan uses the Activator technique which made me feel very comfortable. I am very leery about going to chiropractors who adjust using the cracking method, so he was my number one choice. I was seen by Dr. Dan for approximately 6 months. My health improved at a fast rate and I was released from care at the end of March 2014. He also showed me how to do exercises to strengthen my neck and back. The exercises showed me that he really cares about his patients. He is always friendly and always will go the extra mile to make a patient as comfortable as possible. Dr. Dan made my chiropractic experience a great one and I would see him again if needed.
Diane V.
I have been to many chiropractors over the last 28 years but none have used the technique that Dr. Dan uses in his chiropractic treatments. I have been one of his patients on and off for approximately 5 years and even though it is a 45 minute trip to his office; I would never consider looking for another doctor. He gets to the root of the problem very quickly and I always feel better when I leave his office. I have recommended him to numerous friends and those who have seen him always tell me how happy they are with their treatments.
Arthritis Care - Dan O.
I have suffered from low back problems and arthritis for many years. And in those many years, I have run the gamut of care and treatment, from orthopedic to chiropractic to physical therapy to acupuncture. It wasn't until I began receiving treatment with Dr. Dan that I felt there was hope. He was thorough and honest in assessing my chronic condition. He then put together a results-oriented, multi-layered treatment program that has offered me both immediate relief and long-term promise. Not only is Dr. Dan skillful and professional in his care, he is genuine and considerate. I have never been more confident or more comfortable in someone's care.
About Dr. Daniel J. Thibodeau, DC
I am from the Appleton area. I graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1989. I worked as an associate doctor until 2000. I have co-owned my own chiropractic office since then. I took my first Activator class as a student in 1988, I have loved the technique since then. Activator is my primary adjusting style. I treat a variety of health care issues ranging from headaches to foot pain. I have advanced training in Activator (there is no twisting, popping or cracking involved with the treatment), Nutrition using Contact Reflex Analysis, Allergy Elimination (an acupressure treatment that decreases allergies), Physiotherapy and Exercise rehab. I added a new therapy in 2014 called Rapid Release. It works very well to reduce chronic pain in patients who have not found any relief with other treatments.

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