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Dr. Curtis R. Kannegieter
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6650 South Vine Street, Ste. 110
Centennial CO, 80121
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8:00AM-12:00PM ~ 1:30PM-3:00PM
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Chris C.
I have been coming to Dr. Kannegieter for over 25 years. Initially it was for a kink in my neck from another chiropractor in MD. Dr. Kannegieter adjusts my atlas and axis which lowers my blood pressure. After a recent heart procedure he adjusted C5 and my arhythmia went away.
Carol D
I had severe sciatic pain in my right hip and leg. Dr K gently adjusted me with the activator instrument in order to align my spine. In addition, he used soft laser as an adjunctive therapy to relieve my condition. I'm feeling much better and would highly recommend Dr K to anyone in need of care.
Yasmine M.
In February 2016, I experienced excruciating pain from a bulging disc. Dr. Curtis Kannegieter expected it would take six months for complete healing to occur. I saw him daily for six weeks with regular adjustments and laser therapy, and within that six week period, all of the symptoms as well as the pain was gone (in just six weeks, not six months)! I thank God and Dr. Kannegieter for my quick healing.
Olga M.
He is so gentle and great with my daughter. My daughter even looks forward to coming to this office. He was recommended to us and I recommend him to others.
Janet S.
I first come in with a chronic cough, which Dr Kannegieter's adjustments and treatments took care of within a few visits. He is looking deeper to find the real issue causing so many symptoms, and is treating each issue as it is discovered. Dr. Kannegieter is kind and personable and his office staff is great. I'll continue recommending Dr. Kannegieter!
About Dr. Curtis R. Kannegieter
Dr. Kannegieter began practicing in 1975. Inspired by the result his father (an Iowa farmer) received from a chiropractor, Dr. Kannegieter enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic. Thrilled by achieving results in suffering people, Dr. Kannegieter devotes his life to helping people without the use of drugs and surgery. He knows what it is like to be in excruciating pain and how chiropractic can help. He has much experience, really cares about his patients, and is focused on his work.

Services Offered
Family Care
New Patients Welcome
Adjunctive Physical Therapies
Auto Injuries
Corrective Exercises
Custom Exercise
Full Activator Spine Adjustments
Member of Most Provider Organizations
On-Site X-Ray
Personal Injuries
Photo Light Laser Therapy
Provider for Most Insurance Plans
Workers Compensation

Dr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. KannegieterDr. Curtis R. Kannegieter